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I Am Available For:

  • Workshops - 1/2 day and full day (Virtual and In-Person)
    • Available for Associations (Learning, Trades, Manufacturing), Event Planners and Revenue Enablement Leaders.
  • Facilitated Discussions / WBaaS
    • Available for Team Leaders (Executive, Small Team, Project Team.) Teams should be 10 or fewer.
  • Keynotes
    • Available for Associations (Learning, Trades, Manufacturing), Event Planners and Leaders.
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Podcasts
  • Coaching¬†

Let's discuss your event and design the perfect experience for your group! 

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My Topics of Expertise

  • Simplifying Your Go To Market Strategy
  • Simplifying Achieving Results
  • Simplifying Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Simplifying Meetings
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Entrepreneurship

Available Keynotes:

  • Looking for Leadership? Start with a Mirror.
  • Design for Customer Experience
  • The Builders Who Think Different, So That We Can Do Different

Facilitated Discussions and WBaaS

I have never been one to let a good whiteboard go to waste! And my facilitated discussion / whiteboard as a service is where I am at my best.

3 things I am really good at:

  • Asking Questions (Gathering information and data.)
  • Building out work / concepts on a Whiteboard (provides documentation and clarity.)
  • Connecting the Dots (Simplifying / relating new concepts to things we already know.)

Simple, like ABC, 123. Only, the work itself sometimes is challenging and not so easy. And, that is where a facilitated discussion / whiteboard as a service comes into play.

Imagine if you could...

  • Break through the noise and jargon
  • Ask questions with a beginners mind
  • Identify the next logical steps so that you and your team can take them
  • Eliminate the unnecessary

 How would that change your next meeting?

How would that change your business?

How would that change your impact?

Book a facilitated discussion with you and your team (less than 10) and let's find out. Let's ask the questions, let's work on clarity surrounding your challenge and let's connect the dots! 

We've got work to do - meet me at the whiteboard!


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I Help Humans Do Better Human Things 

Drawing on decades of experience working with people and organizations, I provide you, your employees, teams, and leaders with effective tools to improve Leadership, Culture, Revenue, and Execution.

Throughout my career, I have applied these tools, frameworks, strategies and tactics, across multiple sectors. Including Emerging Tech, Enablement Tech, Manufacturing and Engineering.

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