Are searching for "What's Next" - the same old, same old routine is draining.

 Are an xPreneur looking for clarity in your next step.

 Are an xPreneur who feels isolated and lonely.

 Are looking for the support of other leaders.

 Are wanting to see improvement in yourself, your family, your work. 


The Phoenix Club is the premier community for those looking for their "next thing," or their next step. It is a community for xPreneurs who need connection and collaboration. It is a community for those looking to level up and RISE.

We are a group of people who are passionate about stepping into our best selves while being intentional about helping others. 

Take the first step now towards RISING to your best self by joining The Phoenix Club.

When you have support and alignment, along with clarity and focus within yourself, success in business and family/relationships follows.

Join us to realize how much you can RISE.


Are You Looking For Your Community?

The Phoenix Club just might be it! 
We know that we get better by helping others get better.


We learn by:
Doing work with others
Sharing Perspectives
Thinking differently about problems and challenges
Oh, and yeah, it's the focus on RISING (Phoenix), NOT the city!
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Weekly calls (Tuesdays) providing actionable solutions and tools for personal and professional growth. Weekly Learn - Think - Act worksheets to expand on the weekly call.



Guest speakers to challenge your thinking and stir your curiosity. 




Connection through virtual and in-person meet ups, social hours and community travel. 



The Phoenix Club Is For You If:


✔️ You feel overwhelmed, uncertain or stuck.

✔️ You don't like how you are operating inside yourself, your family or your business.

✔️ You are looking to grow and get better alongside others.

✔️ You have something to give/offer, but are also open to learning.

✔️ You are an xPreneur looking for "what's next."

✔️ You are ready to RISE out of mediocrity! 

From Mike and Jen:

To us, your success, your vision, your dreams matter. You’re not in this alone - we RISE together.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Ever Curious, Constantly Learning, Connected - The Phoenix Club



Phoenix Club Member

$45 per month


Phoenix Club Spouse/Partner

$22.50 per month

Spouse/Partner Must Be An Active Phoenix Club Member