Struggling To Move Forward and Achieve Your Goals?

Use our digital G.A.M.E. plan notebook to gain clarity, create focus, organize your thoughts and create the life you want to live!

Did you know that you are 3x more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down

- according to Harvard Business

Use the G.A.M.E. plan digital notebook to write down your goals and CRUSH them!

 It's simple, not easy.

You Can Build your own G.A.M.E. Plan

  • Use our prompts to learn more about what is important to you.
  • Gain a sense of clarity and focus.
  • Build your plan with intention.
  • Decide on what action steps make the most sense for you.
  • Show up and do the work.

Achieving Your Goals is Possible!

The G.A.M.E. plan digital notebook will walk you through the P.R.E. game, G.A.M.E. plan and P.O.S.T, game process. 


Let Your Goals Take Priority!


  • Finally¬†start working toward the life you want to live
  • Wake up feeling energized by what you do
  • Identify what brings you energy and create your plan to do more of it

It's time to invest in yourself and starting working toward the tomorrow you have been dreaming of!


The G.A.M.E. plan Digital Notebook

The Benefits of Goal-Setting:

  • Gives you a sense of purpose¬†
  • Increases your self-esteem
  • Provides a way for you to¬†maintain your motivation, especially when it gets hard
  • Helps with time management and decision making
  • Allows you to prioritize making intentional changes

The G.A.M.E. plan notebook is a great way to capture all of that information in one place. Easy to use, easy to carry with you, easy to refer to!

Compatible with Kindle Scribe, OneNote, GoodNotes and reMarkable 2 tablet.


What You Will Find Inside:



We designed our structure/frameworks with intention making the G.A.M.E. plan notebook fully customizable so that you can design and build the G.A.M.E. plan that works for you.



Questions to help you gain an understanding of yourself and what matters to you. Designed so that you can build a plan around your goals.

Work at your own pace. 



Links to videos that guide and help when you are:

  • struggling with setting goals
  • struggling with action steps
  • struggling with metrics.


Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and energized to do the work.


This Is For You If...

  • You are¬†going through a life transition
  • You¬†are a student or an athlete looking to maintain your focus
  • You¬†know what your goals are, but you haven't written them down
  • You¬†are an entrepreneur or small business owner who needs a clear way to define goals and objectives
  • You want to achieve more in life

My G.A.M.E. plan Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook